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To get the touch up paint that exactly matches the color of your 2003 Honda Accord you will need to locate the Accord color code.

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Chip Color Code(s) Color Description
B502P Indigo Blue Pearl
B507P Arctic Blue Pearl
B517P Sapphire Blue Metallic/Sapphire Blue Pearl
B521 Sky Blue
B523P Royal Navy Blue Pearl
B92P, B92P-4 Nighthawk Black Pearl
B96P, DG758 Eternal Blue Pearl
G508P Noble Green Pearl
G513M Mist Opal Green Metallic
G97P Vermont Green Pearl
NH578 Taffeta White
NH623M Satin Silver Metallic
NH624P Premium White Pearl
NH658P Graphite Pearl
R502 Vesuvio Red
R510 New Formula Red
R522P Redondo Red Pearl
R523P Dark Cardinal Red Pearl
R81 Milano Red
R94, R94-3 San Marino Red
RP38M Grayish Mauve Metallic
YR523M Champagne Beige Metallic
YR538M Desert Mist Metallic

It is very important that you make sure to check the color paint code for your 2003 Honda Accord Touch Up Paint before buying touch up paint. Do not assume you know your color. Many paint colors have similar names. Colors that look similar on a computer screen can have different vehicle paint codes. The color chips shown on this web site are approximations only. The color you see may vary depending on your particular screen.

Your Honda Accord VIN "vehicle identification number" is not your color paint code. Visit the above link if you need assistance identifying the correct color code for your car.

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