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Answers to Frequent Topics About Accord Paint

Where Is My Paint Code?

The color paint codes on all Honda Accord vehicles are smiple to find.

Using a paint code will help you confirm that the right color of paint is being ordered. You do not want a color that is "close" as the repair could make your Accord look worse.

Open your car door on the driver side. On the side there is a label or sticker.

Look towards the bottom of the label. You should see a product bar. Below the bar are a series of numbers / letters. The letters / numbers in the middle is your color code.

Here is a Picture
depicting what you should see and where the color code for your paint is located.

Should I Use Local Store Paint?

No. You should only use a paint supplier specializing in OEM paint for Accord makes and models.

A store should not have car paint collecting dust for your years old Accord. It would likely now be poor quality and you do not want to cause more harm to your car.

Only a couple chosen Accord paint formulators have the high tech machinery required to accurately make the exact color of paint for your Accord.

Microfinish is our suggested paint provider. It's website is AutomotiveTouchup. Microfinish gets our recommedation due of its performance in exactly getting the OEM color of paint for your Honda, excellent paint products, and cost-effective prices.

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Painting Tips

Auto paint is no different from other paint in that two layers should be used: primer and a base coast. Additionally, add a third layer, called clear coat, to get a match of the color and shine provided by your original paint.

The same layering principle applies with all types of automobile paint: whether it be a paint pen or brush that is used.

Paint is considered a toxic substance. Store it carefully. Do not breath fumes. Wash it off it it touches your skin. Only use outside or in a well ventilated area.