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Answers to Frequent Topics About Accord Paint

Where Is My Paint Code?

The color paint codes on all Honda Accord vehicles are smiple to find.

Using a paint code will help you confirm that the right color of paint is being ordered. You do not want a color that is "close" as the repair could make your Accord look worse.

Open your car door on the driver side. On the side there is a label or sticker.

Look towards the bottom of the label. You should see a product bar. Below the bar are a series of numbers / letters. The letters / numbers in the middle is your color code.

Here is a Picture
depicting what you should see and where the color code for your paint is located.

Should I Use Local Store Paint?

No. You should only use a paint supplier specializing in OEM paint for Accord makes and models.

A store should not have car paint collecting dust for your years old Accord. It would likely now be poor quality and you do not want to cause more harm to your car.

Only a couple chosen Accord paint formulators have the high tech machinery required to accurately make the exact color of paint for your Accord.

Microfinish is our suggested paint provider. It's website is AutomotiveTouchup. Microfinish gets our recommedation due of its performance in exactly getting the OEM color of paint for your Honda, excellent paint products, and cost-effective prices.

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Painting Tips

Auto paint is no different from other paint in that two layers should be used: primer and a base coast. Additionally, add a third layer, called clear coat, to get a match of the color and shine provided by your original paint.

The same layering principle applies with all types of automobile paint: whether it be a paint pen or brush that is used.

Paint is considered a toxic substance. Store it carefully. Do not breath fumes. Wash it off if it touches your skin. Only use outside or in a well ventilated area.

How to Use a Touch Up Paint Pen

In this video you will get instructions about how to use a paint touch up pen.

Video transcript:

0:02 tiny scratches are great for the paint pen
0:04 first review the probe salt into clean repair area fill in the tiny
0:08 imperfections
0:09 with the paper and prime then with the matching base coat color
0:13 next follow up with the clear coat paired day

How to Tape Off a Larger Area

This video will show you how to use masking tape to properly mark off the area you do not want painted. This is helpful when using an aerosol paint can.

It can be a problem when you try and tape around a small square and only prime and paint in the small area. What you do not want to do it remove the masking tape and see a bunch of lines. Then your paint job just got bigger. What you should do is tape off adjacent panels as in the video. At a minimum, try not to paint all the way to the edge of your tape. That is what can cause lines.

Why Paint From Microfinish is Recommended

In this chart we compare the leading providers of Honda Accord touch up paint:

Microfinish BioPac Honda
Guaranteed Color Match Yes Yes No
Custom Colors Available for Faded Paint Yes No No
Paint Made Fresh per Order Yes Yes No
Small Job Bottles Available (1/2 ounce) Yes No Yes
Professional Brush for Easier Application Yes No No
Customer Service Available for Help Yes Yes No
Website Website Website

About "Honda" Paint

Honda does not make its own car paint. Honda outsources its aftermarket touch up paint production to a company making general paint which others, including Honda, then put their label on. For example: Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren.

Would you put Martha Stewart paint on your Accord? Enough said. That is why a professional auto paint company like Microfinish is recommended. Better paint. Better tools. Better customer support.

If something goes wrong, there is a problem with the product, or you need assistance, you will want to buy from a company specializing in auto paint which is available by phone and email to help you.

Use a Professional Brush

Getting the right color is not the only important step in selecting a paint product.

Inside half and two ounce paint bottles Microfinish includes a special, professional grade brush that is angle cut, resistent to solvents, and soft.

Buyers of other products have noted general paint products use a cheap brush which can fall off, is too large and not properly cut for small areas, is too coarse, the pen does not always work, and the paint can be old.


Due to federal air safety regulations paint can only be shipped via ground delivery.


Paint is a toxic substance. Make sure you do not breathe in paint. Wash off any paint which comes in contact with your skin. Use paint products in a well ventilated location, either outdoors or in a garage with an open door.

2015 Honda Accord
Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has won the Kelley Blue Book best buy, best resale value, best brand, and vehicle having the best reputation for midsize cars. Car and Driver has included the Honda Accord in its best vehicle list dozens of times. Edmunds has rated the Accord as one of the most popular vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given the Accord a best, 5-star safety rating.

Keep your Accord looking proud and new by quickly taking care of the inevitable nicks and scratches with touchup paint. Not only will you feel better riding in your car, and it will enhance the value of your vehicle, but taking care of problems early will prevent bigger problems down the road.

Moisture and dirt can get into scratches and where paint is missing harmful rust can appear. You do not want rust anywhere as that problem only gets worse over time. Where paint is missing the edge of the paint can lead to even bigger paint chips being flaked off your car. Another reason to quickly fix paint issues while they are still small.

The exterior colors recently used for the Honda Accord include:

White Orchid Pearl

Obsidian Blue Pearl

Modern Steel Metallic

Hematite Metallic

Crystal Black Pearl

Champagne Frost Pearl

Basque Red Pearl II

Alabaster Silver Metallic

Honda Accord Colors for 2017:

Crystal Black Pearl

Still Night Pearl

White Orchid Pearl

Modern Steel Metallic

Lunar Silver Metallic

Crimson Pearl

Mandarin Gold Metallic

Vortex Blue Pearl

Blue Sky Metallic

Other Paint Protecting Honda Accord Accessories

In addition to touch up paint, consider investing in the following vehicle accessories to protect your Accord from dings, nicks and scratches.

Careless people, malicious people, kids and accidents can all cause damage to your Accord. These accessories, available from your local dealer will help reduce the number of incidents which damage the appearance of your car.

Splash guards help prevent tires from kicking up road rubble which chips the side paint of your Accord.

Edge guards for doors help protect them from common scrapes and nicks which happen from too narrow of parking spaces or careless people parking next to you.

Door edge film provides an additional layer of protection for the edges of your doors, preventing them getting scratched and nicked.

The automatic dimming rear view mirror helps prevent drivers from being blinded by incoming headlights at night, thus reducing rear-end and other accidents.

Fog lights look cool and add better visibility in fog, snow and rain. Better lighting helps reduce incidents which damage your vehicle.

Front mask protects the front section of the car as it meets debris, rocks, insects, and other road hazards while traveling at high speeds.

A car cover help keep falling items and miscellaneous incidents from damaging your Honda Accord's paint and finish.

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